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Project Lombok is a java library that automatically plugs into your editor 
and build tools, spicing up your java.Never write another getter or equals 
method again, with one annotation your class has a fully featured builder, 
Automate your logging variables, and much more.



The Lombok javadoc is available, but we advise these pages.
Finally! Hassle-free final local variables.
Mutably! Hassle-free local variables.
or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the NullPointerException.
Automatic resource management: Call your close() methods safely with no hassle.
Never write public int getFoo() {return foo;} again.
No need to start a debugger to see your fields: Just let lombok generate a toString for you!
Equality made easy: Generates hashCode and equals implementations from the fields 
of your object..
@NoArgsConstructor, @RequiredArgsConstructor and @AllArgsConstructor
Constructors made to order: Generates constructors that take no arguments, one argument 
per final / non-nullfield, or one argument for every field.
All together now: A shortcut for @ToString, @EqualsAndHashCode, @Getter on all fields, 
and @Setter on all non-final fields, and @RequiredArgsConstructor!
Immutable classes made very easy.
... and Bob's your uncle: No-hassle fancy-pants APIs for object creation!
To boldly throw checked exceptions where no one has thrown them before!
synchronized done right: Don't expose your locks.
Laziness is a virtue!
Captain's Log, stardate 24435.7: "What was that line again?"
Head to the lab: The new stuff we're working on.