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1, Launch tcode: BP and select the Organization
2, Maintain the information for Customer role
3, Maintain information for name and search
4, Maintain the Address
5, Maintain the information for Sales and Distribution


6, then maintain which Sales Area this customer is assigned to, you could also maintain the information for other Sales Area by the button "Switch Area". Then after that you shall maintain the information for Order, Shipping, Billing.


7, last but the most important, remember to save the BP, then you will get the Customer for the SD business.


8, Then you could start business transaction in the defined Sales Area. e.g. create Sales Quotation by Tcode: VA21


9, The created Customer is entered for the Sold-To Party, and Ship-To Party. And one existing Material is used(Later we will have one exercise to show how to create new Material.)
But this time, we see one issue.
Pricing error: Mandatory condition TTX1 is missing


10, we go to the Item conditions, and click the Analysis to analyze the pricing conditions.


11, we got a pricing list, and try to find the TTX1 entry. And the 020 entry is mentioned that Condition Record is missing, we go deeper by clicking the 020 entry under TTX1.


12, It seems that there is no condition record maintained for this export taxes.


13, Let's go to the pricing master to maintain export taxes for condition type TTX1.


14, enter the information there and save the entry.


15, go back to the Quotation Creation Page, where we have the conditions, and click the "Update" to update the conditions automatically. And select the Carry out new pricing. Then the Entry for TTX1 will be proposed in the condition list.


16, let's try again with the Pricing Analysis, you will see the check is also successful.


17, let's go back to the Quotation Header and Save, then there will be one Popup to mention that the document is incomplete. And go to edit and maintain the information accordingly.


18, and go back to Quotation Header, it's mentioned document is complete. So Save it and you did it!


19, with that, you managed to create Quotation, and then you could continue the business to create Sales Order, Delivery, Transfer Order, and Billing, Accounting, and Payment.
20, Create Sales Order by reference to Quotation: 20004141 (Tcode: VA01)


21, Create Delivery by reference to Sales Order: 24615 (Tcode: VL01N)


Picking the quantity and Save.


22, Post Goods issue for the Delivery (Tcode: VL02N)


23, create Billing by reference delivery(Tcode: VF01)


24, but in the billing document, it's mentioned "The journal entry has not yet been created.". Open the billing document you created with Tcode VF02.
And menu: Billing Document, use the option "Release to Accounting"
And it's mentioned "Customer 1000260 is not defined in company code 1010"


25, try to define the customer in company code 1010.
Open the customer(1000260) in BP, and create new BP role Customer(Fin. Accounting)


26, Then go back to the VF02, and use the option "Release to Accounting", this time, the release will be successful. The accounting documents are generated. You could check this with the document flow.


27, in the document flow, but the last account document is still not cleared, where payment is needed from customer, but before that, you need to know how much the customer will pay.
You could open the billing document by VF03, and goto


28, then you got to know 1498 is the amount. Go to the accounting receivable.(Tcode: F-28)


29, Open the Document flow, then all the accounting documents are clear!, Well done, you made it.